Better Love On God

The International Bulletin of Missionary Research released its annual report on the status of global Christianity. That report says 89% of the planet’s population is religious believers, compared with 1.8% who are professed atheists and 9% who are agnostics.
The bad news: only 14% of the world’s non-Christians know a Christian. 14%. “How are they to believe in Him (Christ) of whom they have never heard?” (Paul, in his letter to the church in Rome, as written in Romans 10:14).

When Andrew became a follower of Jesus, “he first found his own brother Simon (Peter or Simon Peter)and said to him, ‘We have found the Messiah’ (“Christ”). Andrew brought Simon Peter to Jesus (John 1:41-42). And, Simon Peter later became one of the leaders of the disciples of Jesus and the author of two New Testament books.  Who was your last Simon Peter? Who will be your next?

Here’s my favorite definition of evangelism: one beggar helping another beggar find bread.

A bumper sticker says that Christians aren’t perfect—just forgiven. We have received the grace everyone needs. It should be our privilege to give what has been given to us.

First United Methodist Church-Farmington receives many people who need help paying bills to keep their power or water on, or they need transportation money, or help with rent, or….

Why are we seeing more and more visitors and repeat customers coming to the Overflow Free Store (in the Celebration enter building) to get clothes, kitchen-items, toys, etc.?

We are glad to do what we can. But, why do so many come to us?

It’s the hospitality and care we show to those who have not had an easy life. When a church—our church or any church—helps those who are struggling to survive and getting basic needs met, he or she marks that church in such a way that others know they will find help there as well. Those who know where the “bread” can be found also know to tell others where they can be fed/clothed, and especially loved.

Where are you in directing others to the grace of God in F.U.M.C. through simple, humble but true hospitality?


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