God, Church, and Marriage

(Parts of the following article are taken from Dr. Jim Dennison’s daily on-line devotional, “Denison Forum on Truth and Culture”; May 28, 2014)

J. V. L. Casserley, a British theologian, observed that we do not break God’s commandments. We break ourselves on them. The man who jumps out of a tenth story window doesn’t break the law of gravity. According to Casserley—he illustrates the law of gravity.

Those who reject sacred vows of marital monogamy are in violation of the 7th Commandment: “You shall not commit adultery” (Exodus 20:14).

G. K. Chesterton wisely said, “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in anything.”

Do God’s principles for life and marriage work? Contrary to the widely reported myth that Christians divorce at the same rate as the general public, recent studies show that church attendance drops the divorce rate 25-50 percent compared to those who don’t attend.

Worship attendance also has increased happiness in marriage and produces other dramatic life and marriage outcomes.

The contractor who builds houses understands the composition and construction of them better than many of the occupants. The engineers who designed my car can repair it better than I can. So, why would we think that we can ignore or violate without consequence the life principles revealed by our Creator to his creation?

What are Bible-believing Christians to do?

First, align your life, marriage, and values with Scripture. Our example is our first witness.

Second, pray for the Spirit to use your salt and light. Build authentic, reciprocal relationships with those who do not know or believe God’s word.

Thirdstay humble, joyful and available. God gives us discernment not to criticize, but to intercede. Beware of doing anything that demeans others.


Pastor Dave

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